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Maintenance and repairs

Parc BV is a full service company for the international dredging- and marine industry and provides the following services:

  • Repair of wear and transport damage of rubber, floating and non-floating hoses.
  • Repair of gaskets of dredging hoses.
  • Repair of polyurethane dredging material and applying wear-resistant layers in pressure hoses, pumps, funnels and chutes.
  • Reconstruction of the original diameter of hoses by casting the inside with polyurethane.
  • Repair of suction and discharge hoses, buoys, fenders and conveyor belts.
  • Recycling of rubber dredging hoses, in which all material is processed for reuse as much as possible. Environmental friendly solutions.
  • Repair of steel dredge bottom doors and performing repair works in dry-docks.
  • Repair of steel piping, using a mobile unit for straightening out steel flanges on hoses and dent removal of steel pipes. We also carry out small welding jobs.
  • Butt- welding of HDPE pipes and flanges. Our butt-welding machines produce fusion welding from 60 mm to 650 mm diameter.
  • PE welding of floating devices, pipe floats and tanks. Cracks, ruptures or holes can be welded in order to restore the floating capacity.
  • Filling floaters, pontoons, buoys and jetties with foam. We work with high- quality closed cell PU (polyurethane) foam that does not absorb water. Also for Marine and Port applications.
  • Coating of concrete and metal surfaces of sewage wells and debris gathering wells of wastewater treatment plants etc.

Maintenance and repairs are carried out on the customer's location or in our main workshop in Giessen (the Netherlands) where we have a crane with a capacity of twenty ton.

Project management

We supply professional engineers on a project basis for:

  • Supervision: supervise linking and/or uncoupling of both floating rubber hoses and steel land pipes. This in order to limit handling damage.
  • The drafting of survey reports. The survey report provides a damage overview, that is added digitally to our "Hose management system". Attached to this report is a repair expense overview.
  • When using the Flange Straightening Machine (FSM) and/or Dent Removal Unit a survey report can be provided. This report includes the length, thickness and cross measurements on both sides of the steel pipe.


Outsourcing the maintenance of dredging hoses will maintain an agreed quality for all your hoses based on a long term maintenance or outsourcing arrangement.

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